Tonywealth - Don't Cry

Tonywealth finally drop this his latest track Titled "DON'T CRY" the jam has been going viral round all sites........ Download below and share it with your friends...

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Check out Short lyics of the song below 👇👇

Don't Cry.


      Tonywealth...On this one, I called this one never cry babe

Chinenye .. Asa nwa m furu gi nanya kari sia ihe nile..

Umuazi igbo




Baby dont cry

  Asa dont cry

I'm gonna wipe your ties and pains away, baby don't cry

    Omo make u never cry again, i'm gona wipes ur ties, with my cash Happiness, joy everything u wnt in this life I hv it for u 


Is ur boy tonywealth on the beat ahh check it , mbo mbo crack x2, mbo mbo crack x2

      Haters dey  

     enemies dey

hustle hard

        If u make moni nobody gonna bring u down, yea real life , yeah real life

      nobody gonna cross us... defend us freedom Is us.

I told dem one day i'm gonna sing it in music

Dem must hear it like sound no be mouth, See tonywealth on this beat making sound.. everybody pls listen to me

I'm the one real boy yes, Real boy yes , African boy ... Je'm appel tonywealth , dieu merci , dieu eu grand no be lie, everything in this life GOD get time for everyone people die, people live, people born

 Here we are

Here we are

Here we are , tonywealth on the beat babe gal listen to me i love you special one for u...


       Babe dont cry....!

     Mama stop cry.....!

I'm gona wipe ur ties nd pains away, Babe dont cry

             Asa dont cry

           Babe stop cry...!I

I'm gona wipe ur ties nd pains away , babe dont cry

        Tumbo tumbo, tumbo tumbo..... Babe gal u are the one , Umunwa na-achuhari gi n'ilo AKUABATA go no ogbo 

     Is we , nigga we , is we, So special gal , i love u gal you are the one i want in my life , nobody gonna collect u from me Babe gal, I swear in this life as long as i'm living , u are mine

U are mine babe gal

Trust me, here we are

Show everywhere

 Ihe obula anyi kwuru ana anu ya na television, no be lie see us making sound faster than shadow yeah

Make i yan special one for u 

Love is blind , if we blind gal, 

I swear u are the one i love 

U are the one i have

Happiness is you

     Is us

           Baby dont cry...

           Asa don't cry

I'm gonna wipe ur ties and pains away 

      Baby dont cry


      I swear , Happiness is us, Happiness is us

    My mother is happy for u no be lie, family is happy for , no lie

        is me

        is we

        is we, babe dont cry , stop cry , clear ur ties 

    I'm gonna love u for ever no be lie

     You are my Queen

       I'm your King

     Nothing much in this life

               Tonywealth on this one.


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